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3T Logistics strives to offer effective logistical solutions. We are dedicated to excellence and providing premium transportation services tailored to your requirements.

What is Dedicated Lane?

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Dedicated Lane Benefits

We provide exclusive dedicated lanes advantages that are unavailable at other distribution centers.
predictable schedule deliveries
responsive and flexible solutions
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Our Dedicated Lane Process

1. Request Quote

Getting a customized quote for your dedicated lane project is easy and free with our logistics services. Simply fill out our brief contact form online, and we will generate a no-obligation proposal tailored to your unique needs.

Take advantage of our streamlined quoting process today to get started on identifying your ideal dedicated lane solution. We're confident our capabilities and rates will impress you. Contact us now to receive your no-obligation logistics proposal.

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2. Project Overview

Our team has extensive experience designing and optimizing shipping lanes to maximize efficiency and cost savings. By providing details on your freight volumes, lanes, and any special requirements, we can quickly analyze your supply chain and put together a competitive bid outlining the equipment, routes, and rates we can offer.

We want to make the process of exploring dedicated lane options as simple as possible. Just provide us with some basic details, and we'll leverage our network relationships and your freight shipping goals.

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3. Receive Proposal

After we complete our overview, our experts will calculate the cost of the transportation and labor. Then we'll send you a proposal that will provide you with all of the details about your dedicated lane--including completion timeframe and associated costs.

The proposal will contain specifics on routing, carriers, equipment, staffing, and more. We will highlight potential risks and provide contingency plans to keep your project on track. Our goal is to deliver maximum value by aligning our operations with your goals.

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4. Dedicated

Once you have reviewed the proposal and are satisfied with the scope of work and details of the project, the next step is to schedule a consultation to discuss the proposal in more depth and address any outstanding questions or concerns before officially moving forward.

If you decide to proceed with the work, signing the contract and related documents is required to formally engage our services and begin the project. The contract will outline the scope of work, timeline, budget, payment terms, and other key details that were agreed upon in the proposal and consultation.

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Customer Testimonials

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Our company has depended on 3T logistics for consistent delivery of our products to customers across the country. 3T have been crucial to building our reputation for reliability and customer service. We highly recommend them for any logistics services.

Daniel Gomez

Dedicated Lane
3T Logistics solutions have been scaling our business. Their professionalism, consistency, and ability to navigate challenges have given us the confidence to expand into new markets, knowing that our logistics needs will be met. They are a trusted and valued partner.

Marisa Smith

Dedicated Lane
As a growing start-up, finding a logistics partner able to keep up with our pace of change was essential. 3T has delivered us with dedicated solutions. They have been responsive and flexible at every turn. I would recommend them without hesitation to any company looking for a logistics provider

Paul Anderson

Dedicated Lane
We switched to 3T Logistics last year, and it was one of the best business decisions we made. Personalized service and communication are far beyond what we experienced with our previous 3PL. Their dedicated trucks run on a predictable schedule that allows us to properly plan inventory needs.

Ronald Moore

Dedicated Lane

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions.
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What does dedicated contract carrier mean in logistics?


Dedicated Contract Carriage is a service in which shippers are able to pay a fixed rate per truck and select the duration for which they rent the vehicles (one day, one week, one month), as per their requirements.

What's the difference between regional and dedicated lane drivers?


Drivers must become accustomed to navigating both narrow country roads and congested urban streets. There is a distinction between regional and dedicated truckers. Regional drivers work within a certain region, like the Northeast or Midwest, while dedicated drivers repeatedly traverse the same particular route.

Is dedicated lane recommended over OTR?


As a dedicated truck driver, there are definite benefits to enjoy such as a set schedule, job stability, and familiarity with the routes you take. Nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge the downsides as well. You may not experience much variety in the types of goods you transport, navigating through congested city areas might be unavoidable, and your earnings will likely be lower compared to long-haul drivers who have more freedom in their schedules.

What is the meaning of dedicated freight?


A dedicated lane refers to a particular route that a carrier regularly provides services for a specific shipper. For instance, if your company ships products on the same route from Seattle to Dallas on an ongoing basis, that pathway becomes your dedicated lane. These fixed routes align perfectly with the dedicated freight approach, guaranteeing smooth logistics operations.

What are some examples of dedicated lanes?


A dedicated lane refers to a supply channel that a business provides to a sole client, ensuring continuous provision of goods from a vendor at regular periods. As an illustration, a construction firm may collaborate with a nearby pipe or wood provider to obtain routine access to supplies and elements.