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What Are Drayage Containers?

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Drayage Containers Benefits

We provide exclusive drayage containers advantages that are unavailable at other distribution centers.
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Our Drayage Containers Process

1. Request Quote

Getting a customized quote for your drayage containers project is easy and free with our logistics services. Simply fill out our brief contact form online, and we will generate a no-obligation proposal tailored to your unique needs.

Take advantage of our streamlined quoting process today to get started on identifying your ideal drayage containers solution. We're confident our capabilities and rates will impress you. Contact us now to receive your no-obligation logistics proposal.

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2. Project Overview

Our team has extensive experience designing and optimizing shipping lanes to maximize efficiency and cost savings. By providing details on your freight volumes, lanes, and any special requirements, we can quickly analyze your supply chain and put together a competitive bid outlining the equipment, routes, and rates we can offer.

We want to make the process of exploring drayage containers options as simple as possible. Just provide us with some basic details, and we'll leverage our network relationships and your freight shipping goals.

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3. Receive Proposal

After we complete our overview, our experts will calculate the cost of the transportation and labor. Then we'll send you a proposal that will provide you with all of the details about your drayage containers--including completion timeframe and associated costs.

The proposal will contain specifics on routing, carriers, equipment, staffing, and more. We will highlight potential risks and provide contingency plans to keep your project on track. Our goal is to deliver maximum value by aligning our operations with your goals.

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4. Dedicated

Once you have reviewed the proposal and are satisfied with the scope of work and details of the project, the next step is to schedule a consultation to discuss the proposal in more depth and address any outstanding questions or concerns before officially moving forward.

If you decide to proceed with the work, signing the contract and related documents is required to formally engage our services and begin the project. The contract will outline the scope of work, timeline, budget, payment terms, and other key details that were agreed upon in the proposal and consultation.

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Customer Testimonials

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I recently had the opportunity to utilize a drayage container service for my logistics needs, and I must say, it was an excellent experience. The company provided a seamless and efficient solution for transporting containers from the port to our distribution center.

Ashley Nyein

Drayage Containers
Having recently used a drayage container service for our logistics operations, I am pleased to share my positive experience. The drayage container service we employed proved to be a reliable partner in streamlining our supply chain processes.

Larry Scott

Drayage Containers
I have peace of mind knowing my containers are in good hands with a drayage provider. Containers contain expensive products, so safety is critical during overland transport between locations. The drayage company I use has an excellent safety track record.

Dennis Roger

Drayage Containers
I highly recommend 3T Logistics with dependable drayage transportation. The  container transfers during the intermodal shipping process. Reliable drayage is essential to keep freight moving and avoid delays that can quickly increase costs.

Gabriel Wayne

Drayage Containers

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions.
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How does port drayage work?


Drayage refers to the transportation of cargo over short distances. It is typically one leg of a longer journey, such as moving freight from an ocean freighter to a distribution center. Rather than transporting a heavy shipping container straight from the ship to the warehouse, drayage means transferring the freight from the port to either trucks or trains.

How do you charge for drayage loads?


The base drayage fees for the transport of your container are charged by weight. This means that there is a base fee charge for every 100 pounds of freight. For example, a shipment that weighs 123 pounds will be rounded and charged at 200 pounds. Some carriers have a minimum fee of 200 pounds per shipment.

What's the difference between freight and drayage?


Drayage, a term closely related to freight, refers to the transport of goods over relatively short distances, typically within the same metropolitan area or port. It involves the movement of freight between a port, rail yard, or other transportation hub to a nearby warehouse, distribution center, or final destination.

What is the difference between drayage and long-haul?


Drayage is a term related to freight transport that involves moving goods short distances within the same city or port. It refers to hauling freight between a harbor, train depot, or transportation center to a close by warehouse, distribution facility, or end location. Drayage focuses on the short-haul movement of goods rather than long distance freight transport.

How much does a full container load cost?


The usual cost related to shipping a full container load falls between $2,000 and $3,000.